Preventive Maintenance is basic to any operation that involves equipment with moving parts.  The concept reduces unplanned and costly downtime that can result from breakdowns as well as overall parts costs overtime.  Implementing and executing a proper Preventive Maintenance Program is an investment to increase your operation’s reliability and product throughput, and help to keep operating costs low.

Although many customers practice excellent Preventive Maintenance, there are also many customers using the “don’t fix it until it breaks” method.  Would this method of maintenance work on your personal vehicle? Of course not, so don’t mess with the income potential of your business by not performing maintenance. Not using a planned maintenance approach when serving your machinery is like burning operating capital.  With an ill serviced machine, your asset declines in value faster than depreciation and is costing you valuable production time.

Bosch has a cost-effective Preventive Maintenance solution for all of our customers.  Our customers have many reasons for using the Bosch PMA (Preventive Maintenance Agreement). Some use Bosch PMAs to establish a formal program that allows them to track the progress of maintenance that Bosch performs. Other customer use PMAs to help establish a program that they can eventually operate themselves, with only periodic assistance from Bosch Technicians or updates on factory training or other industry improvements. In any event, for what ever reason Bosch customers use PMAs, they experience a higher level of reliability from their Bosch Packaging Machinery with regular use of the PMA.

The program offers many tangible benefits:

  1. A 10% discount on labor for PMA visits
  2. One additional emergency service visit during the PMA period that also is eligible for the 10% labor discount
  3. A 5% discount for parts recommended by the technician during the PMA visit and purchased within 30 days.
  4. Terms for PMA visits are 60 days versus 30 days standard
  5. Direct access to the assigned technician for emergency help if you need it
  6. Opportunities to train your existing mechanic staff on the Bosch Packaging Equipment

Contact your Bosch Representative and ask about the Bosch PMA. You can’t afford not too.

Also for more information download our brochure Preventive Maintenance Agreements.