The confectionery industry places a premium on package style and appearance.  Often an impulse purchase, confectionery products must stand out on the shelf to grab customers’ attention.  As a result, confectionery manufacturers need to be able to quickly react to new packaging trends and styles.  Bosch helps confectionery companies react quickly by providing flexible machines that can be easily reconfigured to run different bag styles.  An excerpt below from PMT’s March/April 2012 article titled “Candy Everybody Wants” explains more about what Bosch is doing in this area.  Click on the previous link to read the entire article for more information.

At Bosch, Jansen has seen an increase in the need for package style flexibility and configurations, with an emphasis on shelf-ready displays. “Confectionery customers are being driven by retailers to meet various shelf-ready requirements and are partnering with Bosch to create flexible lines that can address multiple retailers’ demands across their various product lines,” he says. “As an example, we have installed numerous packaging lines in the confectionery industry that combine one of our V/F/F/S baggers with a delta robot for secondary packaging. The Bosch V/F/F/S bagger has the flexibility to package confectionery customers’ products in everything from standard pillow bags to four corner sealed bags and doy bags. These various package styles can then be picked up and placed by a Bosch delta robot into a wide range of secondary packaging configurations, including shelf-ready displays that many retailers are requiring.” Jansen also notes that Bosch has received many requests for technologies to top load vertically-produced bags in cases or cartons, and that Bosch is working to meet the demand from consumers for more packagage style flexibility.