HMIs, motion control boards, operator interface panels, PC-104 controllers, touchscreens – just a few of the critical electrical components required to control and operate your Bosch equipment.  Did you know if an electrical component fails, you may not need to replace it?  Bosch Packaging Services can repair most electrical components for a fraction of the cost of new.

Bosch Packaging Services is continuously striving to enhance its service portfolio by providing comprehensive support and solutions.  Electrical repairs offer less expensive alternatives to buying new.  Repairs can sustain obsolete components as well.  Consider some of the following electrical components for repair: AC / DC Drives and Servo Drives, Encoders and Resolvers, Machine Tool Controller (I/O boards, power supplies, HMI units, servo drives), Touch Screen HMI Units (CRT, LCD, Plasma and TFT), Power Supplies, and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). 

*Evaluations are free, turnaround times are fast, pricing is competitive and most repairs are backed with a one-year warranty! 

Contact us today to inquire about electrical repairs.

*Please note the following change: Added the word “most”.  Not all electrical repairs are eligible for a one-year warranty.  Edited 02/07/14 by Carissa Thomas.