Bosch understands time to market is critical.  We constantly strive to reduce our machine lead times to get you up and running as quickly as possible.  Occasionally, we also have stock machines available for quick sale and delivery.  The list below shows machines that are either in stock, or will shortly become available.  For additional machine details or to request a quote please contact your local sales representative using the link below.

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All delivery dates are subject to receipt of order, product, film and funds.

Horizontal Flow Wrapper
Lead Time
(6) Pack 101 (5) available- 1 week after Nov. 1st
(1) available- 2 week
Doboy Stratus 4 weeks
(2) Pack 201 Available Dec.1st
Pack 201 HS, Pack Feeder 4 4 weeks after Nov. 10th
Vertical Form-Fill-Seal
Lead Time
SVE 3800 AB Harsh Available Dec.1st
SVE 2520 AB Welded Frame/ Harsh 6-8 weeks
SVI 2620 6-8 weeks
SVI 2600 CE 6 weeks
SVI 2600 UL (5) available- 6 weeks
(2) SVE 2520 Beckhoff Controls (1) available after Nov. 10th
(1) available after Dec. 1st
Secondary Packaging
Lead Time
 TSC-090 Rexroth (1) week after Nov. 17th
CCM3100 6 weeks after Nov. 10th
Bag Closing
Lead Time
CBS-D 1 week after Nov. 10th
B-550 1 week after Nov. 10th