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shopping cartBosch Packaging Technology, Inc. now offers its best selling line of Doboy table top hand sealers for purchase online.  The online store provides customers a fast, convenient way to purchase either the HS-BII or HS-CII tabletop sealers.   The HS-CII is a portable continuous band sealer that seals most soft films, such as polyethylenes.  The HS-BII is a portable rotary sealer intended for heat sealing hard or supported films such as cellophane, polypropylene, foils, or paper laminates. Both sealers are simple to operate with temperature and pressure settings easily adjusted to accommodate different different bag styles and thicknesses.

In addition to the sealers, spare parts kits and an optional table top mounting stand is available for purchase in the online store.

For more information on the Doboy tabletop sealers watch the video below or visit the Bosch website.

We invite you to walk through our Pack Expo 2012 booth in a new 3D interactive website ( Our new “Virtual Booth” technology makes it feel like you are right on the show floor with 3D machine views, video from the show, and the ability to download brochures and contact Bosch.

See what you missed at our booth, or share with your colleagues the exciting new machines you saw.  The virtual booth includes 17 different displays that you can interact with.  Navigating the booth is easy.  Simply click on the left or right arrows to move around the booth and then select the machine or kiosk that is of interest to you.  It’s a great way to explore new packaging technology without leaving your office!

Select a machine or kiosk to see a close-up view like this with descriptive text. Buttons on the bottom of the screen allow you to watch a video, go to the product page on the Bosch website, request a quote, contact Bosch, or request a brochure.

A new option for dry pet food manufacturers and pet treat operations looking to automate their packaging and reduce costs is the Bosch SVI series VFFS (vertical form fill seal) baggers.  The Bosch SVI series VFFS baggers have the potential to reduce material costs by up to 40% verse pre-made bags.

New VFFS machines, like the Bosch SVI, are now able to make a wide range of bag styles and can even incorporate popular reclose features that traditionally were only available in pre-made bags.   Reclose features have gained popularity, and are widely used in the pet treat market on doy style bags.  Horizontal pouch machines, another alternative to pre-made bags, can produce high quality doy style pouches as well.  However, they are significantly more expensive than VFFS machines and have a much larger footprint.

As a provider of both bag closers and VFFS machines, Bosch can help pet food operations decide which machine will help them best meet their packaging goals.  For many operations, pre-made bags continue to be the best solution; especially where large package sizes and high speeds are needed.  However, with the potential to reduce material costs by up to 40% over pre-made bags,  vertical form fill seal baggers should be considered for those operations where they fit the requirements.  For more information on the Bosch SVI and pet food packaging visit

Packaging plays a vital role in assuring the sterility of medical devices and instruments from manufacture to point of use. Applying effective heat seals to the package of terminally sterilized medical devices is arguably the most critical step to ensure the aseptic presentation of a product when it comes into contact with an end user or patient. No matter how robust the sterilization and disinfection process, if the packaging and seal closures of a medical pouch are compromised, there is significant risk of product contamination during shipping and storage that could pose serious danger to the end user.

Validating the heat sealing process is thus critical both to comply with regulatory oversight and to be confident in the overall quality of the final product.  Bosch’s white paper “Validating Medical Heat Sealers” reviews the relevant regulatory standard for medical heat sealing (ISO 11607-2) and discusses some of the important considerations that should go into implementing an effective validation process.

Download White Paper

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