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Product Distribution Conveyors feeding two horizontal flow wrappers

Product distribution conveyors feeding two horizontal flow wrappers

When manufacturers opt to automate their lines to achieve increased outputs or lower manufacturing costs, they often are challenged with the decision of selecting robotics or product distribution conveyors.   Both technologies have their place in modern packaging lines.  As a supplier of robotics, conveying technologies, and integrated packaging lines, Bosch understands the criteria needed to select an optimal feeding solution and can help manufacturers take a holistic and comprehensive view.

In a recent white paper, we identified three characteristics of your packaging line and product to evaluate when choosing between robotics and conveyors:

  • pack configuration
  • product characteristics
  • operating environment
Robotic Feeding of Horizontal Flow Wrapper

3 arm delta robot feeding a horizontal flow wrapper

First, manufacturers must consider the complexity of their pack configuration, as well as the number and orientation of products within a package.  Conveyors offer speed advantages for simpler pack configurations like single candy bars while robotics are better suited for more complex styles like multipacks.  Next, product characteristics should be evaluated when investing in new automated feeding equipment, including whether the product is delicate and needs to be handled gently or more rugged and can withstand harsher conditions.  Finally, the white paper discusses how sanitation, floor space and other environmental factors in the manufacturing facility affect the choice between robots and product distribution conveyors.

Download your copy of our new packaging automation white paper from the Bosch website:

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