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The history of candy dates back to ancient times.  As candy production evolved, Bosch became an expert in manufacturing candy processing machines.  In the 1960s, hard candy production grew to be a Bosch specialty.  With many key variables in hard candy production, the forming die is fundamental.  Bosch’s forming die heads are smooth-running, low-wear, high-speed dies.  Our forming dies are very versatile and are compatible with all types of hard candy production equipment.

Bosch Packaging Services offers candy-die consulting services to ensure optimal die selection for your candy mass.  For new candy formats, send in your sample and we can supply you with a 3D graphic design and prototype.  We offer many solutions available in virtually all shapes, sizes and consistencies as well as fill or no-fill options.

Take a look at the Confectionery Forming Dies for Hard Candy Production brochure attached.

For questions or inquiries, contact us.

Partnership with Bosch Accelerates ProductionEndangered Species Chocolate Squares

Endangered Species™ Chocolate expects more than a 230 percent boost in output by using Bosch’s Pack 401 horizontal flow wrapper, enabling it to meet increasing demand for its chocolate bars. As evidenced by its name, the premium chocolate company donates 10 percent of its net profits to species and habitat conservation efforts.

The company has been using Bosch machines since opening in 1993. As more and more consumers were craving its 0.35-ounce Organic Chocolate Squares, known as Chimp Mints and Bug Bites, Endangered Species needed to increase production capacity. The Pack 401 enabled production to jump from 120 pieces per minute to 400 pieces per minute.

“The Pack 401 wraps our products faster than we can currently produce them,” said Bryan Fuller, Director of Operations, Endangered Species. “This positions us for our anticipated growth over the next few years.”

Previously, defective packaging had to be manually sorted and discarded.  The Pack 401 features sensors that automatically detect and reject inadequate products and packaging, such as empty packages, uncut packages, or packages with film splices, which increases efficiency and saves on labor costs.

“Our conservation mission is the core of our organization and we fully trust that Bosch’s technology will produce results,” Fuller added. “Higher profits and reduced waste mean more donations to our not-for-profit partners.”

As the company experienced tremendous growth in production, it needed a machine with simplified cleaning and maintenance to ensure product safety and remove all traces of allergy-causing ingredients. “The Pack 401 is an expertly planned machine – every section is easy to access and clean,” said Fuller.

“We always enjoy helping our customers reach their production goals and it’s even sweeter when this also benefits important causes,” said Paul Garms, Marketing Manager, Bosch Packaging Technology.

Endangered Species’ previous solution required that the chocolate squares be manually transferred from their molds to the primary packaging machine. The Pack 401 automatically directs the chocolates from the mold line to the flow wrapper without human intervention, allowing the company to redirect labor to higher skilled positions.

We invite you to walk through our Pack Expo 2012 booth in a new 3D interactive website ( Our new “Virtual Booth” technology makes it feel like you are right on the show floor with 3D machine views, video from the show, and the ability to download brochures and contact Bosch.

See what you missed at our booth, or share with your colleagues the exciting new machines you saw.  The virtual booth includes 17 different displays that you can interact with.  Navigating the booth is easy.  Simply click on the left or right arrows to move around the booth and then select the machine or kiosk that is of interest to you.  It’s a great way to explore new packaging technology without leaving your office!

Select a machine or kiosk to see a close-up view like this with descriptive text. Buttons on the bottom of the screen allow you to watch a video, go to the product page on the Bosch website, request a quote, contact Bosch, or request a brochure.

The confectionery industry places a premium on package style and appearance.  Often an impulse purchase, confectionery products must stand out on the shelf to grab customers’ attention.  As a result, confectionery manufacturers need to be able to quickly react to new packaging trends and styles.  Bosch helps confectionery companies react quickly by providing flexible machines that can be easily reconfigured to run different bag styles.  An excerpt below from PMT’s March/April 2012 article titled “Candy Everybody Wants” explains more about what Bosch is doing in this area.  Click on the previous link to read the entire article for more information.

At Bosch, Jansen has seen an increase in the need for package style flexibility and configurations, with an emphasis on shelf-ready displays. “Confectionery customers are being driven by retailers to meet various shelf-ready requirements and are partnering with Bosch to create flexible lines that can address multiple retailers’ demands across their various product lines,” he says. “As an example, we have installed numerous packaging lines in the confectionery industry that combine one of our V/F/F/S baggers with a delta robot for secondary packaging. The Bosch V/F/F/S bagger has the flexibility to package confectionery customers’ products in everything from standard pillow bags to four corner sealed bags and doy bags. These various package styles can then be picked up and placed by a Bosch delta robot into a wide range of secondary packaging configurations, including shelf-ready displays that many retailers are requiring.” Jansen also notes that Bosch has received many requests for technologies to top load vertically-produced bags in cases or cartons, and that Bosch is working to meet the demand from consumers for more packagage style flexibility.

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