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Bosch at Expo Pack 2013

The Bosch booth at Expo Pack, Mexico in 2013.

Visit Bosch at Expo Pack in Mexico City, June 17-20 at booth #1716 in the PMMI pavilion.

Bosch will showcase two new entry-level solutions at Expo Pack for small to midsized businesses looking to automate their packaging. The first, is the new Pack 101 horizontal flow wrapper.  It is ideal for this segment because it packages the widest product size range currently available on wrappers of comparable price points. The machine features a low-maintenance, all-servo-motor design that has the flexibility to facilitate quick and easy setup and changeovers, while reducing product and film waste during operation.

The second new entry-level solution on display at the show is the SVI 2600, a vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) machine designed for growing confectionery, snack, grains, and other manufacturers. Reliable, high efficiency operation is guaranteed with a number of the same Bosch technologies found on higher-end baggers, such as servo-driven cross-sealing units, vacuum-film belts, and Beckhoff/Rexroth controls. The intermittent motion bagger can produce pillow, gusseted and block bottom bags at rates of up to 120 bags per minute and is available with options such as hole punch and gas flushing.

In addition, Bosch will display a Doboy B-550M medical pouch sealer with an integrated InteliJet TS thermal ink jet printer.  Designed to meet the medical packaging industry validation requirements for sanitary and sterile applications, the Doboy B-550M medical sealer regulates and displays temperature, pressure, and speed. The result is a secure, hermetic seal essential for medical pouches and other sanitary packaging. With all Bosch medical heat sealers, support is provided for qualification and validation.

Last but not least, Bosch Packaging Services will be showcasing a few of it aftermarket products including Format, Size and Change Parts for Bosch Wrappers as well as Remanufactured Equipment.  Throughout the last year, Bosch Packaging Services has developed a Remanufactured Equipment business where a team of highly skilled engineers, project managers and technicians, concentrate exclusively on building and rebuilding upgrade panels, assembling kits and performing complete machine remanufactures of customer equipment as well as equipment planned for future resale.

Change PartsIn today’s world, diverse product lines and constant changes are trends the majority of packaging companies face. Obtaining quality change parts in a timely manner for existing equipment is imperative in order to keep up with busy production needs.  Bosch Packaging Services continues to consider these needs and is proud to announce that it has recently made some changes internally that will positively affect its customers.

From mechanical upgrades to rebuilt equipment to change parts, for years the Modernization teams have proven to push technological limits and continuously develop new solutions.  Recently, Bosch has undergone an expansion and structural reorganization that has allowed for additional technological engineering capacity.  Furthermore, internal processes have been reviewed and enhanced to reduce inefficiencies and improve turnaround times.

Bosch has paid particular attention to customer’s needs regarding quote and order turnaround time.  The Modernization teams combined forces across the company in order to reach a solution that would meet and exceed customer needs and expectations. The results have significantly improved our throughputs, which in turn, improves your throughput. Bosch Packaging Services is continuing to develop the most efficient modifications and change parts request and order process possible. With this, our customers can continue to rely on Bosch Packaging Services to provide top quality products.

Take a look at the attached brochure: Format, Size and Change Parts for Bosch Wrappers, which contains detailed information pertaining to machine and change parts availability and options. If you have equipment other than Bosch Wrappers, we offer additional solutions as well!

For all inquiries, whether specific to Bosch Wrappers or any Bosch equipment, contact our Modernizations team at (715) 243-2329 or send an email.

SpringAs we transition from the long, cold winter months and enter into the first warm days of the year, spring cleaning is inevitable.  With spring cleaning comes the opportunity to perform maintenance, spare parts overhauls, machine audits, changeovers and upgrades on your Bosch Packaging equipment.  With field service and spare parts delivery schedules filling up fast, we recommend that you place your orders in advance.

Spare Parts: Safe, reliable and worth every penny.
Included in our spare parts portfolio are Preventive Maintenance Kits, Repairs (Electrical and Sharpening Services) and Stock Optimization.

Field Service: Whenever and wherever you need us.
With Bosch Field Service our expert technicians and engineers are available to perform Machine Audits, General Service/Production Support, Preventive Maintenance Agreements and Training.

Modernizations: You define the target, we find the best solution.
Our Modernizations team is constantly evolving and expanding its solutions whether it’s Controls or Mechanical Upgrades, Remanufactured/Rebuilt Equipment, Change Parts and Line Integration support.

Contact us today to place an order for spare parts, schedule a service tech or inquire about your next equipment overhaul or upgrade.

Telephone: +1 919 877 0886
Fax: +1 919 877 0887

HMIs, motion control boards, operator interface panels, PC-104 controllers, touchscreens – just a few of the critical electrical components required to control and operate your Bosch equipment.  Did you know if an electrical component fails, you may not need to replace it?  Bosch Packaging Services can repair most electrical components for a fraction of the cost of new.

Bosch Packaging Services is continuously striving to enhance its service portfolio by providing comprehensive support and solutions.  Electrical repairs offer less expensive alternatives to buying new.  Repairs can sustain obsolete components as well.  Consider some of the following electrical components for repair: AC / DC Drives and Servo Drives, Encoders and Resolvers, Machine Tool Controller (I/O boards, power supplies, HMI units, servo drives), Touch Screen HMI Units (CRT, LCD, Plasma and TFT), Power Supplies, and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). 

*Evaluations are free, turnaround times are fast, pricing is competitive and most repairs are backed with a one-year warranty! 

Contact us today to inquire about electrical repairs.

*Please note the following change: Added the word “most”.  Not all electrical repairs are eligible for a one-year warranty.  Edited 02/07/14 by Carissa Thomas.

Do you have a legacy machine that you just can’t part with? Or, are you looking for a Bosch wrapper but don’t have the resources to buy new? Bosch Packaging Services remanufactures equipment to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost compared to new. Check out the before and after photos of this remanufactured 1991 Microtronic.

All remanufactured machines are completely dismantled and reassembled. Painted parts are sand blasted and powder coated; sheet metal and plated parts are refinished or replaced. Rubber rollers are surfaced to original specs. A complete controls upgrade to current new machine controls platforms comes standard on all remanufactured machines. All new wiring, pneumatic components and plumbing, bearings, bushings, pulleys, sprockets, chains and belts are replaced with new as well as any worn or damaged parts. Remanufactured machines are customized to your product specifications and include crimpers, knives/anvils, product spacer, former and infeed product guides.

For more information contact our modernization team at (715) 243-2329 or via email at

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