5 Tools to Keep Near Your Bosch VFFS Bagging Equipment


Don’t underestimate the importance of some common tools to keep your Bosch Vertical Bagger running efficiently. Having a few basic tools nearby can significantly reduce downtime. Bosch Service Technicians recommend machine operators keep the following tools nearby at all times

metalruler11) Steel Ruler

An 18 inch/metric adhesive backed measuring tool should be attached to the side of the machine for quick measurement of the produced bag.


2) Small Brass Brush

This should be used to clean the sealing jaws of dirt, product fragments, glue, etc.


3) Razor Style Cutting Knife

Used for film splicing, threading film through the bagging machine, etc.


4) Scissors

Used for cutting film prior to threading.

puttyknife5) Small Putty Scrapper

Used to clean the cross seal counter jaw of any product build up.



Do you have useful tips that others may benefit from?  Share them with us!

Stay tuned for future tech tips pertaining to various other types of equipment including horizontal flow wrappers.  And, as always, feel free to contact us with any technical questions you may have.

Introducing the Latest Spare Parts PM Kits for Bosch Packaging’s Vertical Form Fill Seal Equipment

Preventive Maintenance is the key to making sure your food packaging lines stay up and running during the most critical times of business. Costly downtimes can be avoided by replacing worn parts on your equipment during a scheduled preventive maintenance visit. Knowing which parts need to be replaced, when is what Bosch knows best. Save time, save money and save downtime by planning ahead.

Take a look at the major and minor PM Kits for SVE 2510 Vertical Baggers.  Available kits are listed below:



Perhaps you have an SVE 3800. Check out our SVE 3800 PM Kit offerings.

These spare parts kits are just the beginning of what’s to come. Do you have other Bosch equipment? Vertical or horizontal? Let us know! We are always developing more machine specific kits.

Contact your local Bosch Packaging Services Representative for more information about our PM kits.

We Are BoschIn honor of Diversity and Inclusion at Bosch Packaging Services, we held our first annual Diversity Day event at our Raleigh, NC office. Associates each created a flag that they felt represented their background and heritage as well as shared a homemade dish to pass that characterized their culture or region. The event was so much fun and allowed us all an opportunity to get to know each other – and ourselves – even better than before.

FlagsDiversity can be defined many different ways. At Bosch, Diversity and Inclusion are equally important in order to achieve  success and sustain a high performance culture. Diversity at Bosch in North America is essentially different backgrounds, attributes, lifetime experiences and exposures that each individual brings to the group. Inclusion is each individual within the organization feeling welcomed, respected, supported and valued as a team member.

Part of the event was a flag decorating contest. Associates voted on their favorite flags.  Congratulations Blair, Linda, Luisa and Mona for getting the most votes!

Diversity Day

In photo from left to right:
-Blair: From Wilson, NC. Since Wilson is known for BBQ, tobacco and cotton, the flag includes a pig smoking a cigarette in a cotton field. The house represents her recent move to Raleigh to be closer to family. And the USC tie on the pig represents where she went to college (University of South Carolina).
-Linda: From Puerto Rico. Flag includes the Coqui, a frog that got its name from the sound they make and are only found in Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican flag, flower and motto, which is “My name is John”. Linda is an Accounts Receivable Specialist and has been with Bosch for about 3 years.
-Luisa: From Colombia. Flag includes colors representing gold found in Colombia (yellow), Colombia’s oceans (blue) and Colombia’s independence (red) as well as coffee, since it’s the best in the world, a soccer ball, national flower and the hat that represents Colombia’s artisans. Luisa is a Customer Support Representative and has been with Bosch for nearly one year.   
-Mona: From New Jersey. Flag includes  swimming, boating, fishing, the infamous Bruce Springsteen, the famous eatery White Castle and the state bird of New Jersey. She is from the Jersey Shore section of NJ, where thousands flock to the area for summer fun and horse racing. Mona is a Field Service Administrator and has been with Bosch for more than 16 years.

E-Portal is Bosch’s online spare parts warehouse and ordering platform that contains customer-specific spare parts information based on historical consumption. The portal allows for transparent flow of information, simplifies the ordering process and increases the efficiency of your spare parts logistics 24/7.

With E-Portal, searching for and ordering spare parts is fast and easy. Check out the video below highlighting the basic functions of E-Portal.

Additional links and downloads are available including an E-Portal brochure and E-Portal functionalities.

E-Portal Benefits:

  • Simplified order process
  • Up-to-date information available anytime
  • Track offer and order status
  • Transfer information to your purchasing catalog or ERP system
  • Manage ordering processes for several corporate locations
  • Unlimited users allowed for each account

How to Register: Registering for E-Portal takes less than a minute and is completely free. Register here.

Turning on the No Jam feature on your Pack 101 can be done in just three easy steps. The No Jam feature senses when product is in the way of the crimper. It allows the crimper to remain open while a designated number of products pass through before running production again.


Step 1: In the HMI, select “Recipe”, then “Crimper”
Step 2: Turn the No Jam feature to “ON”
Step 3: Select the number of “No Jam” cycles

Watch for more tech tips and instructional videos for your Bosch equipment. For questions or technical support, contact us.

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