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A Following Error is generated by the machine motion controller triggering incorrect feedback from the motor to the computer.  In Layman’s terms, the motor was commanded to move to a specified point in a specified amount of time, if it does not get there in the correct amount of time, a fault occurs, and this is called a Following Error.   A simple product jam or mechanical failure may cause a Following Error resulting in unnecessary downtime.  Should this fault occur, do you know how to quickly and effectively diagnose the problem?

Open and closed loop speed commands are used to troubleshoot motors, cabling, amplifiers, resolver feedback, and wiring associated with the close loop feedback.

Stratus Key Pad

By using the diagnostics drive setup, a small voltage can be sent to an individual axis without the machine homed or synched. By monitoring the direction on the drive set-up screen you can also verify the correct encoder feedback. Note: All the amplifiers cabling and motors are the same. Cable swapping can be done to easily identify a bad component.

Note: Machine must have power off and locked out while swapping cables.

The below picture is an example of moving the cutting head motor cable and feedback to the finwheel drive. Once the cables are swapped output a speed command from the finwheel axis to verify if the motor or the amplifier is the problem.

Stratus-cutting head motor cable

Perform the following steps to access the diagnostics screen and the drive set-up screens:

Step 1: Press the diagnostics key on the control panel. (Figure 1 screen will appear.)

Step 2: Rotate the press to accept button until the drive set-up is highlighted.

Step 3: Push the press to accept button. (Figure 2 screen will appear.)


Step 4: By rotating the press to accept dial, select the axis you wish to run and set the enable motion on.

Step 5: Set output voltage to approximately 1 volt and press start.

Note: All emergency switches have to be pulled out and guard switches closed.

Watch for future posts and tech tips pertaining Following Error troubleshooting for other Bosch Wrappers (Stratus, Linium, Pack Wrapper PC-104/WinPack Key Pad and Pack Wrapper Touch Screen).

Contact our technical experts for further assistance with your Bosch Packaging Equipment.

Do you have a legacy machine that you just can’t part with? Or, are you looking for a Bosch wrapper but don’t have the resources to buy new? Bosch Packaging Services remanufactures equipment to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost compared to new. Check out the before and after photos of this remanufactured 1991 Microtronic.

All remanufactured machines are completely dismantled and reassembled. Painted parts are sand blasted and powder coated; sheet metal and plated parts are refinished or replaced. Rubber rollers are surfaced to original specs. A complete controls upgrade to current new machine controls platforms comes standard on all remanufactured machines. All new wiring, pneumatic components and plumbing, bearings, bushings, pulleys, sprockets, chains and belts are replaced with new as well as any worn or damaged parts. Remanufactured machines are customized to your product specifications and include crimpers, knives/anvils, product spacer, former and infeed product guides.

For more information contact our modernization team at (715) 243-2329 or via email at

CrimperThere is no question that your tailor made Bosch equipment runs optimally when it is outfitted with Bosch original spare parts.  As part of the normal machine lifecycle, naturally some of those parts will wear.  While Bosch Packaging Services is always here to provide you with high quality OEM spare parts, we also offer the same level of quality in our Sharpening Services. Bosch resharpens knives, anvils, crimpers and hole punches to the same OEM specifications and quality that they were when they were new.  With cost savings of up to 50% compared to the price of new and quick turnaround times, it is an undeniable advantage to consider resharpening as opposed to replacing your worn parts. More often than not, parts are eligible for resharpening.  However, a simple free evaluation is required prior to all sharpening.

To inquire further or place an order, simply complete the form below:

The opening day at Pack Expo 2013 has proven to be busy for the Bosch Packaging booth in Las Vegas. Visitors were excited to see all of the new machine launches with the booth in full swing. Also the second day turned out to be another great day with a lot of visitors at the Bosch booth.

Plenty of booth traffic ensured many machine demonstrations from our team of experts:

On the new SVI 2600 entry-level vertical bagger.

Showing the new hygienic vertical bagger machine, the SVC 4020.

On the new CCM 3100, flexible case packer for vertical and horizontal bag presentation.

Agents and customers with the Pack 301 Long Dwell w/ Paloma single arm robot and Pack 401 w/ Transver SDP.

Demonstrating the Pack 101, the new entry-level horizontal flow wrapper, on the second day during the Media Event.

As these first two days have turned out so well, we are expecting another great remaining day at the Pack Expo show.

Don’t miss it, tomorrow is your last chance for a visit!

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Upcoming Monday September 23rd, Pack Expo 2013 takes off in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our colleagues from Bosch Packaging have arrived this week already to prepare the booth. As you can see, a lot of work still needs to be done before the show starts on Monday.

Shipping crates need to be unpacked and are still present everywhere on the exhibition floor. Machine modules are at the same time assembled.


If you are curious to see if we can manage to reach the full booth setup by Monday, please come visit our booth to see for yourself! We have 5 brand new machines on display, including the Pack 101, SVC 4020, SVI 2600, CCM 3100, and the Transver SDP.

Our team of experts will be present at our booth for machine demonstrations and to answer all of your questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

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