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Preventive Maintenance is basic to any operation that involves equipment with moving parts.  The concept reduces unplanned and costly downtime. Implementing a Bosch Preventive Maintenance Program is an investment to increase your operation’s reliability and product throughput and help to keep operating costs low.

Although many customers practice excellent Preventive Maintenance, there are also many customers who use the “don’t fix it until it breaks” method.  Would this method of maintenance work on your personal vehicle? Of course not! Don’t risk the income potential of your business by not performing maintenance. Not using a planned maintenance approach when serving your machinery is like burning operating capital.  With an ill serviced machine, your asset declines in value faster than depreciation and is costing you valuable production time.

Bosch has a cost-effective Preventive Maintenance solution for all of our customers.  Our customers have many reasons for using the Bosch Preventive Maintenance Agreement (PMA). Some use Bosch PMAs to establish a formal program that allows them to track the progress of maintenance that Bosch performs. Other customers use PMAs to help establish a program that they can eventually operate themselves, with only periodic assistance from Bosch Technicians, updates on factory training or other industry improvements. In any event, for whatever reason Bosch customers use PMAs, they experience a higher level of reliability from their Bosch Packaging Equipment with regular use of the PMA.

PMAs offer many tangible benefits:

  1. A 10% discount on labor for PMA visits
  2. One additional emergency service visit during the PMA period that also is eligible for the 10% labor discount
  3. A 5% discount for parts recommended by the technician during the PMA visit and purchased within 30 days.
  4. Direct access to the assigned technician for emergency help if you need it
  5. Opportunities to train your existing staff on the Bosch Packaging Equipment

Contact your Bosch Representative and ask about the Bosch PMA. You can’t afford not to!

Also for more information download our brochure Preventive Maintenance Agreements.

SpringAs we transition from the long, cold winter months and enter into the first warm days of the year, spring cleaning is inevitable.  With spring cleaning comes the opportunity to perform maintenance, spare parts overhauls, machine audits, changeovers and upgrades on your Bosch Packaging equipment.  With field service and spare parts delivery schedules filling up fast, we recommend that you place your orders in advance.

Spare Parts: Safe, reliable and worth every penny.
Included in our spare parts portfolio are Preventive Maintenance Kits, Repairs (Electrical and Sharpening Services) and Stock Optimization.

Field Service: Whenever and wherever you need us.
With Bosch Field Service our expert technicians and engineers are available to perform Machine Audits, General Service/Production Support, Preventive Maintenance Agreements and Training.

Modernizations: You define the target, we find the best solution.
Our Modernizations team is constantly evolving and expanding its solutions whether it’s Controls or Mechanical Upgrades, Remanufactured/Rebuilt Equipment, Change Parts and Line Integration support.

Contact us today to place an order for spare parts, schedule a service tech or inquire about your next equipment overhaul or upgrade.

Telephone: +1 919 877 0886
Fax: +1 919 877 0887

The opening day at Pack Expo 2013 has proven to be busy for the Bosch Packaging booth in Las Vegas. Visitors were excited to see all of the new machine launches with the booth in full swing. Also the second day turned out to be another great day with a lot of visitors at the Bosch booth.

Plenty of booth traffic ensured many machine demonstrations from our team of experts:

On the new SVI 2600 entry-level vertical bagger.

Showing the new hygienic vertical bagger machine, the SVC 4020.

On the new CCM 3100, flexible case packer for vertical and horizontal bag presentation.

Agents and customers with the Pack 301 Long Dwell w/ Paloma single arm robot and Pack 401 w/ Transver SDP.

Demonstrating the Pack 101, the new entry-level horizontal flow wrapper, on the second day during the Media Event.

As these first two days have turned out so well, we are expecting another great remaining day at the Pack Expo show.

Don’t miss it, tomorrow is your last chance for a visit!

Questions, comments, inquiries?

Contact us

We are pleased to invite you to visit our booth next week at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2013, in Central Hall, booth C-1900 from September 23 to 25.

Stop by the Bosch booth anytime for live demonstrations of all of the new technologies, products and services featured this year including:

  • After-sales services portfolio focusing on machine upgrades and OEE on a completely remanufactured horizontal wrapper.
  • New case packer capable of horizontal (lay flat) and vertical (stand-up) loading of flexible packages.
  • New product distribution system designed to handle a wide variety of products and for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Test your production proficiency by participating in the ‘OEE Challenge’, a game that tests your speed, feeding accuracy and productivity via live OEE readouts.
  • The global launch of our latest state-of-the-art vertical bagger platform designed for enhanced hygiene and customization.
  • Two new entry-level solutions for small- to mid-sized businesses looking to automate their packaging will be displayed, the Pack 101 horizontal flow wrapper and SVI 2600 VFFS bagger.

For a sneak peak, check out our online Virtual Booth where you can walk through the Bosch booth via a 3D interactive website.

Virtual Booth_9-19-2013 8-29-55 AM

Again, we encourage you to stop by our booth so you can see for yourself the many new technologies, products and services Bosch has added to its already expansive portfolio.  Stay tuned for regular updates during the show.  See you there!

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