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Bosch understands time to market is critical.  We constantly strive to reduce our machine lead times to get you up and running as quickly as possible.  Occasionally, we also have stock machines available for quick sale and delivery.  The list below shows machines that are either in stock, or will shortly become available.  For additional machine details or to request a quote please contact your local sales representative using the link below.

Click here to find your local sales representative

All delivery dates are subject to receipt of order, product, film and funds.

Horizontal Flow Wrapper
Lead Time
(6) Pack 101 (5) available- 1 week after Nov. 1st
(1) available- 2 week
Doboy Stratus 4 weeks
(2) Pack 201 Available Dec.1st
Pack 201 HS, Pack Feeder 4 4 weeks after Nov. 10th
Vertical Form-Fill-Seal
Lead Time
SVE 3800 AB Harsh Available Dec.1st
SVE 2520 AB Welded Frame/ Harsh 6-8 weeks
SVI 2620 6-8 weeks
SVI 2600 CE 6 weeks
SVI 2600 UL (5) available- 6 weeks
(2) SVE 2520 Beckhoff Controls (1) available after Nov. 10th
(1) available after Dec. 1st
Secondary Packaging
Lead Time
 TSC-090 Rexroth (1) week after Nov. 17th
CCM3100 6 weeks after Nov. 10th
Bag Closing
Lead Time
CBS-D 1 week after Nov. 10th
B-550 1 week after Nov. 10th

Bosch PM KitsIntroducing Bosch’s Spare Parts PM Kit Catalog for Vertical Form Fill Seal Equipment

Following up to our post earlier this week regarding Preventive Maintenance Agreements, it seemed appropriate to continue the topic of Preventive Maintenance through our PM Kits.   Preventive Maintenance is what ensures your packaging lines stay up and running during the most essential production times, which is why Bosch works continuously to provide you with the most simplified, yet customized, Preventive Maintenance solutions.  Throughout the year we have launched a few VFFS PM Kits. We are now pleased to release our most recent addition: Minor and Major PM Kits for SVB 3601.

With the completion of the PM Kits for the SVB 3601 comes a VFFS PM Kit Catalog.  The PM Kit Catalog is a compilation of PM Kits for the SVE 3800, SVE 2510 and the SVB 3601.

As always, we will continue to develop PM Kits to fit your needs.  Do you have other Bosch equipment? Vertical or horizontal? Let us know!

Contact your local Bosch representative for more information about our PM Kits.

We have all been there: An entire packaging line is down because a small bearing deep inside a machine has failed just as an urgent shipment is scheduled to leave for the distribution center. Prevent this from happening by replacing the bearing – along with other recommended spares – during a scheduled preventive maintenance.

Bosch’s technical experts know your equipment and have compiled minor and major preventive maintenance kits with recommended replacement intervals for the VFFS SVE 3800.  Save time, save money and save downtime by planning ahead.

Download the Brochure: PM Kits for SVE 3800 Vertical Baggers

The SVE 3800 preventive maintenance kits are just the start of what’s on the horizon.  Do you have other Bosch vertical equipment?  Let us know.  We are currently working on creating more machine specific preventive maintenance kits.

Contact your local Bosch Packaging Services representative for more information about our PM kits.

SVE 3800 Kits

  • Bosch’s new VFFS test lab in New Richmond, WI.

    „ $850,000 expansion facilitates full integration and testing of vertical bagging lines with secondary packaging equipment

  • „  Temperature and humidity control to simulate production conditions
  • „  In-house training for customers provides familiarization prior to installation

The expansion of our state-of-the-art vertical form fill seal (VFFS) test facility in New Richmond, Wis was recently completed. The $850,000 vertical expansion, which started in  May 2012 and was completed in  December, helps us accommodate two full VFFS packaging lines that include secondary packaging, such as case erecting, loading and closing. With the expansion, we can now offer optimal product feeding to VFFS machines for extended runs, as well as temperature and humidity control to simulate each manufacturer’s specific factory environment.

Manufacturers across multiple industries, such as fresh and frozen food, as well as confectionery, utilizing our expanded  VFFS test facility can be assured that their line is fully functional prior to installation at their production site. From engineering, parts fabrication and assembly to line integration, testing and trouble shooting, Bosch offers its customers a full range of resources when using the company’s VFFS line testing facility in New Richmond.

Customer equipment training

Via this expansion, we enhance our ability to provide customers access to equipment training and familiarization, which results in a smooth start-and ramp-up of their production. Training can range in complexity, from simple hands-on operation during the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), to in-depth Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI)-certified classroom training for operators and mechanics, including PMMI-certification testing at the end of the training modules.

“Bosch’s New Richmond test facility provides customers with the assurance that their vertical packaging line has been fully tested and is ready to go,” said Eric Aasen, vertical product line manager, Bosch Packaging Technology. “This demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that our customers achieve maximum efficiency and profit.”

VFFS line featuring delta robotic case packing at the expanded test facility.

Global product line, local support

The expansion is part of our strategy of offering a top notch global product line with local support. We supply a wide range of VFFS technologies to suit various market needs, including both continuous and intermittent vertical baggers with its SVE and SVI series, as well as heat and ultrasonic sealing technologies. Our vertical baggers have the flexibility to produce numerous pack styles, including pillow, gusseted, stand up, full four corner seal block bottom, and doy bags; as well as special bag styles and various opening and reclosure aids, on a single machine without adjusting machine height. This allows manufacturers to quickly adjust to changing market demands. We also offer secondary packaging equipment that can be integrated into fully automated lines specific to customer applications, known as Module++.

Sustainable design

We also made sure that the expansion included several sustainable elements, such as windows with low-emissive (Low-E) glass, which reduces energy consumption by allowing light to pass through while reflecting heat, as well as T8 fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts that produce more light per watt, run cooler and last longer. In addition to meeting building envelope insulation requirements, we also incorporated its highly efficient point-of-use water heater. Other sustainable features include variable frequency drives (VFD), used to further reduce energy consumption for the crane and hoist system, and the high efficiency combination air handler and air conditioning unit.

Bosch’s New Richmond facility serves North America’s various packaging sectors, including the confectionery, bakery, fresh food, frozen food and pharmaceutical markets, and employs more than 270 people. In 2004, Bosch acquired the facility from Doboy, Inc., whose roots in food packaging begin in the 1870s.

More than ever before, our supermarket shelves are a battleground for an enormous array of packaged fresh food products, each competing for the attention of time-strapped, price-sensitive consumers. Particularly in comparison to frozen alternatives, fresh food products such as vegetables, salad and dairy products appeal to modern, health-conscious, environmentally aware shoppers.Ultrasonic_salad

But today’s selective consumers do not just want their food to be fresh—they want it to be fresh for longer, with greater usability. This places complex requirements on both food manufacturers and packagers, and presents an array of challenges.

Eric Aasen, VFFS Product Line Manager, dives into the requirements and challenges of packaging fresh food products in an article published today on Packaging Digest.  The article focuses on fresh produce packaging using vertical form fill seal machines but many of the insights shared in the article can be applied to all types of packaging machines.  Read the entire article here.

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